Jesus Came to Fix You

February 17, 2008 Series: Gospel According to John

Topic: Gospel Passage: John 12:12–12:50

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Jesus came to fix us

John 12:12-50 

Introduction: wrong expectations

Valentines day

      I hate valentines day because of expectations. It was easier when we were young. All we had to do was buy a box of Scooby-Doo valentines and we were done... 

Video: Jesus Vintage #4 - let's change our expectations of who Jesus was 

Read John 12:12-22 

I. We want Jesus to fix the wrong problem 

      A. Jews hoped Jesus would save them from Roman Rule

            What Hosanna means:

            "Save us now" like "god save the Queen"

            Wanted to be saved from Roman rule

            Comes from Jewish history

            Feast of Tabernacles - palm branches, shout hosanna

            Simon Maccabeaus captured Acra

      B. Jesus did not come for war

            Like difference between a  Oldsmobile and a Tank

            Not what was expected

            Jesus was there to save them… but not from a political problem

            Jesus had a different agenda.

            He was there to save them but from something more important

            Sometimes we get Jesus all wrong.

            We go to him for all the wrong things, and were disappointed when he seems     disinterested

      C. Problem is ME

            People come to Jesus for all the wrong reasons:

            Poverty, job, family, political issues, bad legislation

            Isaiah 53:6

            Romans 1:29-32

            I am evil

            I don't give a crap about others

            Read excerpt from Blue like jazz

                  I started wondering if we could actually change the world. I mean we could     change our buying habits, elect socially conscience representatives and that sort     of thing, but I honestly don't believe we will be solving the greater human     conflict. The problem is not a certain type of legislation or even a certain     politician; the problem is the same as it has always been. I am the problem….

                  I wanted to make a sign that read "I AM THE PROBLEM"  

II. We come to Jesus with wrong expectations  

      A. Learn from the Greeks

            Be seekers of truth

            Jer 29:13

            Matt 7:7 

      B. Get over wrong perceptions:

    1. Jesus meek and mild vs. Jesus the rebel

            a) Act of defiance

            b) Clearing out the temple Matt 21:12-13

             2.     Jesus victim vs. plan

            Fulfillment of prophecy

            Zechariah 9:9

            Dead Sea Scroll of Isaiah 335 bc to 107bc 

            Over 300 prophecies fulfilled


                  Like how much money he would betrayed for

                  Type of death

                  Riding on a donkey colt

                  Probability of this happening 1 and 18 zeros 

Read John 12:23-36 

III. Jesus' paradox: He fixes life through death

      A. Passage

    • Son of Man - Daniel 7:13
    • "undefeatable world conqueror" Chuck Norris sent by God
    • Crowd was cheering
    • A king takes what he wants. Jesus dies for what he wants.
    • Jesus didn't seek his own glory

B. Jesus fixes our problem through His death

    • His Death brings life
    • John 12:32-34 - Lifted up like being hung from the gallows
    • We had a blood debt to God (1 Peter 3:18)
    • Not good works
    • Titus 3:5
    • Applies to us in a slightly different way

      C. The holy paradox: Our life is fixed through our dying to self

    • Loves his life with lose it
      • Can't pull yourself up by your own bootstraps
      • Must die to the idea that life is about ourselves and we can save ourselves
      • Faith in Christ is like dying to the idea that I am God
      • Man must bury his personal aims and ambitions to be useful to God
      • Love life means loves security and selfishness
      • Gal 2:20
      • Matt 16:24-26
    • Hates his life will save it
      • It is only because men have been prepared to die great things have begun to live
      • Basically living for Jesus not self
      • Frees us from worry
      • Live for Jesus
    • By spending we save

                  Hates his live will save it

                  Living a life of safety but with no significance

                  Parable of servants…

                        Money spent vs. money saved

    • By service comes greatness

            Mark 9:35 servant of all

            Obedience isn't easy… even for Jesus 

Read John 12:37-50 

IV. Conclusion: Jesus announces last call

      Voice from heaven

      You don't know where you are going

      Put your trust in the light

      Meeting Jesus is meeting God

      Hardness of heart - make me feel good that even Jesus didn't get people to believe

      Some of us are like the Greeks

      Some us believe like the Jewish leaders and are afraid

      Maybe you feel you are walking around in darkness.

      Not having a purpose in life.

      If any of this makes sense to you, consider Jesus. Maybe He speaks the very word's of God.

      Maybe you realize you've been trying to do it all on your own.

      It's time to die to yourself.

      It's time to stop just taking advice from Jesus and give up the right to your life.

      Maybe you are like the Jewish leaders who believe, but are afraid of what people think

      We celebrate the death of Jesus every week.

      When you come up here you are saying that you believe that Jesus died for you.

      You are also saying that you give up the rights to your life.

      You are saying in essence "I am yours, save me"

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