Sermon Series: Habakkuk


Many people dismiss the Old Testament as outdated and irrelevant.  Instead of delving into obscure Minor Prophets like Habakkuk, most Christians choose to spend their time in more practical books like James.  What they fail to realize is that Habakkuk is part of the very foundation of the faith that James so plainly fleshes out.  Habakkuk is one of the smallest yet most powerful books in the Old Testament.  It has influenced some of the most influential leaders in the history of the Christian faith including the Apostle Paul and Martin Luther.  Though not much is known about Habakkuk the prophet, his simple and raw conversation with God have served as a foundation of the true nature of Faith.  

Week 1 -Introduction

Week 2 -Habakkuk 1.1-11

Week 3 - Habakkuk 1.12-2.4

Week 4 - Habakkuk 2.5-20

Week 5 - Habakkuk 3.1-19