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kids ROAD

kids ROAD

We believe that Jesus loved to teach children and that they can handle bibilcal truth at a young age. Therefore, we provide limited children's ministry because we desire to see kids hearing the same message as their parents. A major focus at Damascus Road, is unity. We want families learning together, serving together, and worshiping together. Instead of breaking everyone into splinters- similar to what happens all week, we want to have community as families, and community as a church.

the DIRT on Kid's ROAD

Our Children's ministry is organized under the "ROUTE 11" concept.  We believe in the importance of establishing a strong gospel fountion by the age of 11.  This is accomplished through: teaching on Sundays, equipping arents with tools and skills to pastor their homes, and by actively incorporating children into the church body.  Our desire is to include our children and youth in the service as soon as possible because we believe they can handle biblical truth at a young age.  

The success of our mission is dependent upon setting mileposts.  Our mile markers are broken down by ages helping us to evaluate the success of our mission as our kids move from one age group to the next:

  • MILE POST 3:  By age three, we want our children to be able to answer simple questions about the Bible and its stories. 
  • MILE POST 6:  By age six, we want our children to be able to explain, in their own words, the gospel and its meaning.
  • MILE POST 9:  By age nine, we want our children to know who God is and how simple theology applies to daily living for those who love Jesus. 
  • MILE POST 11:  By age 11, the children shoudl understand how ALL the Bible is important, how to read it, and how to study it. 

What can my kids expect?

  • Prayer; We will pray with to teach kids what prayer is and why it is important (James 5.16)
  • Singing:  We will sing praises to our God because he is worthy (Psalm 47.6)
  • Lesson:  We will open God's Word and learn about our savior (Psalm 119.105)
  • Bible Lesson:  We will memorize verses so that the truth is our kids at all times (Proverbs 7.1-3)

What curriculum do you use?

  • Walker/Talkers = Jesus Story Book Bible 
  • PreK - 2nd Grade = Gospel Project 

Who can I contact with questions?

Email Cassandra Johnson | HERE