How do I know what to give?  (Click here to Learn)

First and foremost, the Bible says, "Truly no man can ransom another, or give to God the price of his life..." (Psalm 49.7).  In other words, God isn't interested in your money and neither are we. Before you give anything to God's church, receive the free unmerited grace God offers so that you can be in relationship with Him as he intended. 

At Damascus Road, we believe that God owns everything, including our very lives. We believe that giving back to God is an act of worship. We believe that it is in fact often easier to give money than it is to give what God is truly asking for. We believe He desires us to make Him Lord of all aspects of our lives so that we can joyfully give of our first fruits beginning with our very life...every day.

That being said, we are a non-profit organization that, by God's grace, exists because people faithfully give to his mission.  Donations are used to bless people who are in need and for the daily expenses of running the church.

If you would like to donate to Damascus Road Church you can:

  1. Leave it in the offering urns during service on Sunday 

  2. Mail it to us:
    Damascus Road Church
    PO Box 281
    Marysville, WA 98270

  3. Set up a regular (monthly, weekly, etc.) payment to be processed through your bank using their billpay system and the address above. Email if you need additional help. 

  4. Donate online using our online giving service, Giving Fire.  Go to to get started.

  5. Text to Give.  It's really easy - just text a dollar amount to 84321 for instructions.  

For questions about giving, please email: